choosing a color

Aluminum and steel gutters come in a variety of colors. Choose colors that will blend with your house. The gutters and downspouts are available in a number of different colors. The price varies depending on the color you choose. Sectional aluminum and steel gutters come in more than 25 different colors - ideal for matching trim and house colors. Gutter colors are baked on at the factory. These coatings generally provide stain resistance, making gutters easy to maintain. Some manufacturer coatings allow surface residue to be easily removed with conventional cleaning solutions and detergents and a clean water rinse.

Vinyl gutter material typically is brown or white. The latter color holds up better in intense sun. Copper is prized for its natural color and comes unpainted. If you like the look of copper but not the price, some manufacturers sell a faux-copper gutter made of aluminum.

Downspouts - Rain Gutter

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