Gauge Or Thickness of the Gutter Material Is Important

Seamless aluminum gutters are generally roll formed from coil that is available from manufacturers in three thicknesses:

-- Light weight .025 gauge coil used only by the most budget-minded of installers and can be found on some new construction projects. Light weight gutters often wrinkle and bow between anchors, allowing water coming off the shingle to drip behind the gutter at various points - most common on longer gutter runs.

--Medium weight .027 gauge coil would be considered standard builder-grade gutter. Light and medium weight gutters are also often easily damaged by ladders, tree branches and basketballs and are more susceptible to tearing at the anchor if the gutter becomes filled with leaves, snow or ice.

-- Heavy weight .032 gauge aluminum coil used when maximum strength and durability are desired.

The thickness or the gauge of the gutter is very important. Primary aluminum is the thickest and most consistent available. The optimal thickness is .032 inches so when buying aluminum gutters, insist on primary aluminum, which is the best. Avoid secondary aluminum, a recycled product that's often plagued by inconsistent thickness.

  Seamless Aluminum Gutters

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