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ABOUT the u.s. RAIN GUTTER institute

The U.S. Rain Gutter Institute provides the American homeowner with useful information about residential rainware including rain gutters, downspouts and accessories, gutter guards and related services. We are a privately funded organization hoping to help consumers understand rain gutters.

Different Types of Rain Gutters

Within our website, visitors can find a wealth of information about the various types of gutter systems, including 5” and 6” k-style and box gutters, materials including aluminum, vinyl, copper and wood, the gauge of different gutters, the difference between sectional and seamless gutters, colors and the kinds of problems the average homeowner may face with a roof drainage system that fails.

Photos of Rain Gutter Accessories

Also on the Institute’s website is a photo gallery of gutter elements and accessories, to help homeowners understand the different parts that a gutter contractor might mention or reference in an estimate.

Downspouts: A Critical Element

Downspouts or leaders are critical in dispersing water away from the house. The Institute website tells homeowners how to keep downspouts clean, what to do when they fall into disrepair and how to use them and other accessories to make sure rainwater drains properly away from the house.

Roof Drainage

Guidelines in Choosing a Gutter Contractor

The website also provides homeowners who plan to replace or repair gutters with a series of simple guidelines for choosing a gutter contractor and what a contractor should be expected to provide in preparation for repairs or replacements.

Gutter Guards

The Rain Gutter Institute website also features a section on the different types of gutter products in the marketplace today including hoods, screens and sponge and bristle materials.

Rain Gutter Advisors

Our Institute advisors have more than 30 years of experience working with homeowners, contractors and manufacturers in the building products industry to provide useful information about a wide variety of products and to acquaint homeowners and contractors with new products and technologies of interest to them.

Gutter Systems - Careful Planning

You may note that our information is not geared toward the do-it-yourselfer. We are of the firm belief that the repair and replacement of gutter systems and related materials are best left in the hands of competent and qualified gutter installment and repair professionals. First priority to homeowners is their safety.

Vinyl, Copper, Aluminum
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